The brand new QLine

So Detroit just unveiled a new public transit system that runs in the Woodward Avenue corridor for approximately 3 miles.  This is a brand new system, and it should not be confused with the People Mover system, which has been around for years (more on the People Mover in another post).

A Q Line railcar driving up Woodward Avenue just north of Comerica Park

The QLine could possibly be a good way to move people from Cobo to Ford Field.  Not sure what the capacity is.  It has only been running for a few days so we are sure they are working out the bugs….

The southernmost stop of the QLine is at the intersection of Larned and Woodward Streets.  This stop is called the “Congress Station.”  This is approximately three-and-a-half blocks from the Cobo Hall entrance.

Looking north up Woodward Ave from Jefferson Ave – you can see the People Mover elevated rail system passing through.  The Q Line station is just north of here.  This is 3 blocks from Cobo Center.

Two stops north of the Congress Station is the “Grand Circus Station.”  This is at the south end of Grand Circus Park, which – we are guessing here – will be a hub of activity during the Detroit Championship weekend.  This is five blocks from the entrance to Ford Field.  This is where teams might get off if they are transiting from Cobo to Ford Field.

The northernmost stop on the QLine is at “Grand Station” which is at the intersection of Woodward Avenue and West Grand Boulevard.  This area is referred to as the “New Center” area.  Probably not a huge amount of activity for teams up there, but probably a good solution for parking for many people.

[update Dec 7, 2017]  One significant drawback of the QLine as it is now is throughput.  Its pretty low.  If your team is large, it’ll take multiple cars.  And it seems like the cars are not coming that often…. maybe every 15 min?

While we were researching the QLine, we realized that one stop south of the Grand Station Stop is a stop at the AMTRAK station.  Hmmmm.  More on this in a future post.


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