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Must Do – Supernatural Brewing & Spirits

Can you do the mental experiment where there was an area where the FIRST connections were so deep, that there was even a restaurant/bar run by FIRSTers?  Do you think that’s possible?  Well, it is!

Supernatural Brewing & Spirits opened on November 15th, and we have confirmed that the beer being brewed by these super-talented FIRSTers is outstanding.  The food is great – it is familiar, but creative and tasty.  And, they have some … interesting … stuff hanging on the walls!

Check out their Facebook page for the latest information.



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Must Do – Buddy’s Pizza

You know how different cities make some sort of claim that some style of pizza is “theirs?”  Yeah, we hear you Chicago and New York.  Well, we don’t actually know if there is an official or even an unofficial Detroit-style pizza.  But lets just say there is…

Certainly we know Detroit is home to Little Caesar’s.  And of course we know that Domino’s Pizza is from here too.  We like those guys, but that’s not what we were referring to for your team while you are in the Detroit area.  We were referring to Buddy’s Pizza.  They have been doing it since 1946.

Have you had that type of square pizza where the crust is thick but not too doughy, and the tall vertical sides of the crust are crispy and cooked to a delicious crunchy brown?  Oh, man is it good.  We’re not positive, but we *think* Buddy’s invented that style of pizza.  Lets call it Detroit Style :).

They have several locations in the Detroit Metro area.  They are all as good as the original.  Don’t miss the antipasto for your appetizer.  Enjoy!


Buddy’s Pizza locations that we know of:

Detroit/Hamtramck, 17125 Conant St

Novi, 44225 12 Mile Rd (we bet money that Frog Force eats here)

Farmington Hills, 31646 Northwestern Hwy

Livonia, 33605 Plymouth Rd

Dearborn, 22148 Michigan Ave

Royal Oak, 32218 Woodward Ave (have you ever seen IMPIs in here??)

Bloomfield Hills, 3637 W Maple Rd (we guess Bionic Blackhawks have been here before)

Auburn Hills, 2612 N Squirrel Rd (we know Team Rush eats here; source: seen ’em)

Grosse Pointe, 19163 Mack Ave

Warren, 8100 Old 13 Mile Rd

Macomb Township, 45841 Hayes Rd (our guess is the ThunderChickens go here)


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Must Do – Lafayette Coney Island

A grilled hot dog with chili, mustard, and onions.  What’s the big deal, right?  We don’t know why, but there are approximately 1.51 million “coney island” restaurants in Michigan.  Waay too many.  And there are some great ones.  BUT…. there is only one Lafayette Coney Island.  And its in downtown Detroit, walking distance from Cobo.  The address is 118 W. Lafayette Blvd., Detroit, 48226.

It’s a small place – so it’s highly likely that your large group will not fit in there.

It is right next door to the much larger American Coney Island.  We have never eaten there.

Parking will be difficult.

Cash only.

And their service?  Sorta reminds us of that SNL skit.

Reservations?  LOL.  Do they even have a phone?

If all this sounds like we are trying to talk you out of going, well, think of it this way – there’ll be more room for us.  🙂

They are open until 3AM.  It would be a genius place for a picklist meeting – except we guess they would kick you out as soon as they want the table space.

Like we said, there are thousands of coney’s across Metro Detroit and Michigan…. but there’s only one Lafayette Coney Island.  Enjoy!