Where Do the Hipsters Eat?

Well, we don’t know for sure.  But, we have seen people who we think are hipsters at these locations:

Selden Standard, 3921 Second Ave, Detroit, MI, 48201.  (313)438-5055.  Brunch is awesome here.  Drive here, or take the Q Line to the Canfield station.

HopCat, 4265 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48201.  (313)769-8828.  Huge beer selection.  Huge.  Drive here, or take the Q Line to the Canfield station.

Gold Cash Gold, 2100 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI, 48216.  (313)242-0770.  It’s in a former pawn shop, serving creative locally-sourced food.  Drive here.  Parking is sketchy.

If you are an actual hipster, and would like to set us straight, please shoot us an email :).


Mongolian Barbecue for dinner

You guys have these where you are from, right?  Go through a line, load up your plate with raw foods, then take it to a circular fire pit where Mongolian Chefs or high school students will cook your food in front of you.  Healthy, fun, and everyone gets fed.  Not a bad choice for a large group.

If you have questions about this place, we suggest you ask Grant from 148.  Rumor has it he worked here in high school (source: we saw him working there).


Several bd’s Mongolian Grill locations in the Detroit area:

Dearborn, 22115 Michigan Ave

Novi, 43155 Main St #200

Canton, 42189 Ford Rd

Royal Oak, 430 S Main St

Auburn Hills, 3325 University Dr

Sterling Heights, 13150 Hall Rd



If you are gonna miss Pappy’s…

Now, we aren’t trying to compare this barbecue place to Pappy’s.  Heck, they aren’t even in the same state.  So who’s to say which one is better…

Slows Bar BQ is a great place for you to try.  It is located near where the old Tiger Stadium used to be, on Michigan Avenue.  Not a big place.  Reservations required for sure.  Open till midnight on Sat, 11PM on Thu-Fri, and 10PM the other nights.  Finding the front door is always a challenge.  Parking is sorta sketchy.

It is about 2 miles from Cobo.  Drive there.  Take Michigan Avenue.

Highly recommended!  Enjoy!

Slows Bar BQ  2138 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI, 48216.  (313)962-9828.

It is our understanding there are now other satellite locations.  Reader Milton M. informs us that there is a Slows-To-Go at 4107 Cass Ave, Detroit, MI, 48201, which is much faster than the sit down location, and about 2 miles from Cobo Center (dont walk there, take a car or the Q-line to the Canfield Station).  They are open until 10pm on Friday and Saturday, and 9pm all other nights.  (877)569-7246.

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Must Do – Supernatural Brewing & Spirits

Can you do the mental experiment where there was an area where the FIRST connections were so deep, that there was even a restaurant/bar run by FIRSTers?  Do you think that’s possible?  Well, it is!

Supernatural Brewing & Spirits opened on November 15th, and we have confirmed that the beer being brewed by these super-talented FIRSTers is outstanding.  The food is great – it is familiar, but creative and tasty.  And, they have some … interesting … stuff hanging on the walls!

Check out their Facebook page for the latest information.



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OK, so some people aren’t even going to read this post.  Their loss.

Detroit may be the bowling capital of the world.  Just don’t ask people from Milwaukee if that’s true…

We can tell you that a fun thing to do with your team is to go bowling.  Even if you suck at bowling, you will have fun.  Adults and kids, you can bring everyone.  And the Detroit area has a ton of very well run bowling alleys.  We will try to add some more good ones to this post after doing some more research (you see, we like bowling, but we are admittedly not experts :)).

Some great bowling alleys:

Merri-Bowl, Livonia.  30950 5Mile Rd, Livonia, MI, 48154.  (734)327-2900

The Garden Bowl, Detroit.  4140 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI, 48201.  (313)833-9700

Lucky Strike, Novi.  44325 W 12Mile Rd, Novi, MI, 48377.  (248)374-3420

If you do decide to go bowling, when you make your reservation, ask the following questions:  Is it smoky in your bowling alley?  What kind of food do you have for my FIRST students?

If you hear that Thunderbird Lanes in Troy is a great place, your info is old.  They closed.  They were a great place though!

OK, so you read through the bowling post, now its time for a couple Easter Eggs.  Further proof that Detroit has superior bowling chops:

Fowling:  bowling with footballs.  These crazy people have built a bar around the idea of tossing footballs at bowling pins.  Seriously.  We have tried it, and it was a blast.  The place is basically a bar at one end of a warehouse, with many fowling courts (alleys? fields?).  Bring your own food.  Reservations needed, and it will likely be full.  It is 21 and over only, except for daytime on Saturdays and Sundays.  The neighborhood is sketchy – make sure you know where you are going.  Parking is in an enclosed lot so that’s not a problem, as long as you avoid the potholes.  Can they handle a bus?  We don’t know, but we think yes – the place is basically a warehouse in a warehouse district.  The Fowling Warehouse, 3901 Christopher St, Detroit, MI, 48211.

Oh, and if someone in the lane next to you knocks over some pins, they count!

Fowling Warehouse


Feather Bowling:  On the east side of Detroit, there is a bar called the Cadieux Cafe, where they have a great selection of Belgian imports.  Most of them are beers.  But one of them is a sport.  Think of it as a combination of bocce and bowling, played on a formed dirt lane.  The ball (puck? slug? stone?) reminds us of that Canadian object used in curling – except you roll it.  We have tried it, and its a total blast.  The place is not very big, so if you have a large group they might have to play in stages.  Reservations absolutely required.  We think this place is 21 and over only.  Cadieux Cafe, 4300 Cadieux Rd, Detroit, MI, 48224.  (313)882-8560.

Cadieux Cafe Feather Bowling


So you like Mexican food?

Yeah, we like Mexican food.  We put mayo on our hotdogs and on our grilled corn-on-the-cob.  Don’t knock it ’til ya tried it!  🙂

Hopefully you already saw what we had to say about Mexican Town.  We highly recommend an outing there for your team.  But not everyone is going to stay in areas convenient to there (if you are staying in Downtown and Dearborn areas, you are not too far from Mexican Town).  So here are some awesome authentic Mexican restaurants in other areas:

Nearby teams 66 and 470, and close to Eastern Michigan University, in Ypsilanti:  La Fiesta Mexicana.   Don’t miss the tamales.  529 W. Cross St, Ypsilanti, MI, 48197.


Nearby teams 1, 27, 33, 51, 2612, 3098, and 6117, in Pontiac:  El Patron.  Don’t miss the super-fresh tortillas!  The tacos and gorditas are also great.  This is a pretty straightforward place, wide selection of authentic Mexican food, no frills, order at the window, take a number, go to the window for your order.  They have about 60 seats. Lots of take-out.  1188 Joslyn Avenue, Pontiac, MI, 48340.


inside of El Patron in Pontiac